AC/DC – The Broadcast Collection 1977 – 1979

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Playing time: ca. 240 minutes
EAN CD: 8717662578168
ART. NR. CD: CL78168

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AC/DC’s music has been described by music journalists as hard rock, blues rock, and controversially, heavy metal. The group have defined themselves as “a rock and roll band, nothing more, nothing less.” For us this is a major understatement: They are one of the most influential hard rock bands with a defining sound of rock and metal. This unique collection contains a brilliant performance at Townson State College on October 16th 1979, featuring the classic AC/DC line-up with Bon Scott. The CD-box also includes near perfect sound of The Old Waldorf performance in 1977 with tracks from all their albums to date. Live At Paradise Theatre Boston 1978 is a high quality recording of the live FM broadcast of AC/DC on August 21th 1978 during a concert. And last but not least, a collection of live broadcasting material on disc four Broadcasting Live In The Bon Scott Era 1977 – 1979.


CD 1: AC/DC – Live At The Old Waldorf 1977
1. Live Wire
2. Hell Ain’t A Bad Place To Be
3. Up To My Neck In You
4. Kicked In The Teeth
5. The Jack
6. Whole Lotta Rosie
7. High Voltage
8. Baby, Please Don’t Go
9. Problem Child

CD 2: AC/DC – Live At Paradise Theatre Boston 1978
1. Live Wire
2. Problem Child
3. Sin City
4. Gone Shootin’
5. Bad Boy Boogie
6. The Jack
7. High Voltage
8. Rocker
9. Dog Eat Dog

CD 3: AC/DC – Live At Towson State College 1979
1. Live Wire
2. Shot Down In Flames
3. Hell Ain’t A Bad Place To Be
4. Sin City
5. Problem Child
6. Bad Boy Boogie
7. The Jack
8. Highway To Hell
9. High Voltage
10. Whole Lotta Rosie / Rocker
11. If You Want Blood (You Got It) / Let There Be Rock

CD 4: AC/DC – Broadcasting Live In The Bon Scott Era 1977-1979
1. Live Wire
2. She’s Got Balls
3. Problem Child
4. The Jack
5. High Voltage
6. Baby, Please Don’t Go
7. Rocker

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