Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan – The Broadcast Collection 1961 – 1965

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Playing time: ca. 351 minutes
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ART. NR. CD: CL78182

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Bob Dylan is an American singer-songwriter, author, and visual artist who has been a major figure in popular culture for six decades. The Broadcast Collection is a unique collection of his live broadcast sessions between 1961 and 1965 in New York, Chicago, Mineapolis and Montreal. Bob Dylan’s recording at Bonnie Beecher’s Apartment is a famous “home” tape of Dylan. Large portions of this tape appeared on the first Dylan bootleg album, the legendary Great White Wonder. The Broadcast Collection also includes the live broadcast at Finjan Club Montreal 1962. The tape features one of Dylan’s most powerful original blues The incredible Finjan tape belongs in every collection.


CD 1: Bob Dylan – Live at New York 1961-1965 & Chicago 1963
1. Handsome Molly
2. Standing On The Highway
3. Blowin’ In The Wind
4. Mean Old Southern Railroad
5. A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall
6. Hard Times In New York Town
7. Farewell
8. (I Heard That) Lonesome Whistle Blow
9. Po’ Lazarus
10. Acne
11. Baby Please Don’t Go
12. Who Killed Davey Moore
13. Boots Of Spanish Leather
14. Fixin’ To Die
15. The Girl I Left Behind
16. Hard Travelin’
17. John Brown
18. Sally Gal
19. Dreamed A Dream
20. It’s Alright, Ma

CD 2: Bob Dylan – Live at New York 1961-1965 & Minneapolis 1961
1. Makes A Long Time Man Feel Bad
2. Girl From The North Country
3. Tell Me, Baby
4. The Death Of Emmitt Till
5. It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue
6. The Lonesome Death Of Hattie Carrol
7. Roll On, John
8. Stealin’
9. Only A Hobo
10. He Was A Friend Of Mine
11. Riding In My Car
12. Man On The Street
13. Song To Woody
14. Talkin’ Bear Mountain Picnic Massacre Blues
15. Pretty Polly
16. The Story Of East Orange
17. VD Blues
18. VD City
19. VD Gunner’s Blues

CD 3: Bob Dylan – Live at New York 1961-1965
1. Pretty Peggy-O
2. In The Pines
3. Backwater Blues
4. Freight Train Blues
5. Gospel Plow
6. Black Cross
7. 1913 Massacre
8. A Long Time A Growin’
9. Talking Merchant Marine
10. Talking Bear Mountain Picnic Massacre Blues
11. Fixin’ To Die
12. Talkin’ New York
13. Man On The Street
14. Song To Woody
15. Interview

CD 4: Bob Dylan – Live at Bonnie Beecher’s Apartment Minneapolis 1961
1. Baby Please Don’t Go
2. Man Of Constant Sorrow
3. Candy Man
4. Hard Times In New York Town
5. I Ain’t Got No Home
6. I Was Young When I Left Home
7. Stealin’
8. Po’ Lazarus
9. It’s Hard To Be Blind
10. In The Evening
11. Naomi Wise
12. Wade In The Water
13. Dink’s Song
14. Sally Gal
15. Baby, Let Me Follow You Down
16. Cocaine
17. Gospel Plow
18. Long John
19. Black Cross
20. See That My Grave Is Kept Clean
21. Ramblin’ Round
22. VD Waltz

CD 5: Bob Dylan – Live at Finjan Club Montreal 1962 & Folkways Studios New York City 1962/1963
1. The Death Of Emmett Till
2. Stealin’
3. Hiram Hubbard
4. Blowin’ In the Wind
5. Rocks And Gravel
6. Quit Your Lowdown Ways
7. He Was A Friend Of Mine
8. Let Me Die in My Footsteps
9. Two Trains Running (Still a Fool)
10. Ramblin’ on My Mind
11. Muleskinner Blues
12. I’d Hate To Be You On That Dreadful Day
13. Oxford Town
14. Paths Of Victory
15. Walkin’ Down The Line
16. Playboys And Playgirls

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