Bruce Springsteen

Bruce Springsteen – Best of Bound For Glory – The Rare 1973 Broadcasts

Available on: CD & LP

Playing time: ca. 48 minutes
EAN CD: 8717662576348
ART. NR. CD: CL76348
EAN LP: 8717662576331
ART. NR. LP: CL76331

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Bruce Springsteen is anAmerican singer-songwriter andis widely known for his brand of poetic lyrics, his distinctive voice, and his lengthy and energetic stage performances. Bruce Springsteen, namedas ‘The Boss’’, has made countlessnumber-1 hits in his career. Thisalbum features manyearlySpringsteen songs, broadcastedin 1973.


Side A
1. Satin Doll
2. Bishop Danced
3. Circus Song
4. Song To Orphans
5. Does This Bus Stop At 82nd Street

Side B
1. New York City Song
2. Spirit In The Night
3. Hey Santa
4. Tokyo

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