Frank Zappa

Frank Zappa – The Young Sophisticate

Available on: LP

Playing time: ca. 46 minutes
EAN LP: 9505735491372
ART. NR. LP: YVR4011

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Frank Zappa was an American musician, composer, activist and filmmaker. His work is characterized by nonconformity, free-form improvisation, sound experiments, musical virtuosity, and satire of American culture. During Zappa’s lifetime, he was a highly productive and prolific artist, earning widespread acclaim from critics and fellow musicians. This riveting rock performance was captured for eternity at ‘The Apollo in Manchester on February 12, 1979. Zappa was on a roll that year, because after this tour he released two of his most important and best-selling albums of his career.



1. Ain’t Got No Heart
2. City Of Tiny Lights
3. Dancing Fool
4. Easy Meat
5. Montana


1. Inca Roads
2. For The Young Sophisticate
3. Why Does It Hurt When I Pee
4. Peaches enRegalia
5. Don’t Eat The Yellow Snow

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