INXS – Original Sinners 1984

Available on: LP

Playing time: ca. 48 minutes
EAN LP: 8717662588037
ART. NR. LP: CL88037

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This Australian group is a band of brothers, with three Farrisssiblings in the band. For two decades, INXS was fronted by Michael Hutchence, whose magnetic stage presence made him the main attraction of the group. Starting as a new wave band, INXS became international superstars when they put all their influences of hard rock, dance, and new wave into a blender to create a catchy sound that swept the world. Enjoy this iconic band on vinyl, featuring the megahit ‘‘Original Sin’, the group’s only No. 1 hit in their homeland Australia.



1. Original Sin
2. Soul Mistake
3. Face the Change
4. Black and White
5. Dancing on the Jetty
6. To Look at You


1. I Send a Message
2. Just Keep Walking
3. The One Thing
4. Jan’s Song
5. Don’t Change
6. The Loved One

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