Styx – Best of Live At The Classic FM Broadcast 1977

Available on: LP

Playing time: ca. 48 minutes
EAN LP: 8717662577086
ART. NR. LP: CL77086

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Styx is an American rock band from Chicago that was formed in 1972. They became famous with their progressive rock sound in the 1970s, and began to incorporate soft rock and pop rock sounds in the 1980’s. This LP and CD features the best songs of their live perfomance at Classic FM, including their hits ‘Lady’ and ‘Come Sail Away’.


Side A
1. The Grand Illusion
2. Lady
3. Fooling Yourself (Angry Young Man)
4. Come Sail Away

Side B
1. Suite Madame Blue
2. Midnight Ride
3. Miss America

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