Jun 13

New Broadcast collections: TOTO & Led Zeppelin

They’re here! Our brand new broadcast collections. These 5CD sets of TOTO and Led Zeppelin are a must-have for fans and music lovers. Read all about it below.

Led Zeppelin – The Broadcast Collection 1969 – 1995 – 5CD

Led Zeppelin is one of the most successful, innovative, and influential bands in the history of rock music with over 200 million records sold worldwide. This 5CD collection features many highlights in their live career.    For example “No Restrictions ’69”, a performance for the BBC Rock Hour set the standard for the presentation of rock music on the radio giving the band no restrictions giving the listeners a true concert experience. Also features iconic band members Robert Plant and Jimmy Page’s project ‘Page & Plant’ where they play many of their greatest hits with a live orchestra.

EAN LP: 8717662587313
ART. NR.: CL87313

Tina Turner – The Broadcast Collection 1962-1993 4CD

Spanning three decades, this collection is the perfect showcase of the talent of this incredible live band. A highlight is the “Jeff Porcaro Tribute”, a beautiful homage of TOTO to their former drummer who Jeff Porcaro, who died in 1992 at only 38 years old. The members of TOTO toured and recorded with many big names and often invite them on stage. This collection features Eddie van Halen, George Harrison, Don Henley and Boz Scaggs, to name a few.

EAN LP: 8717662587320
ART. NR.: CL87320