Sep 26

‘The picasso of jazz’ Miles Davis is added to the Cult Legends catalogue!

Miles Davis is one of the most influential jazzmusician of the 20th century. He was a composer, trumpeter and bandleader that changed the jazzmusic. His versatility made him unique in it’s kind. The new documentary ‘Birth of The Cool‘ shows why people saw him as the embodiment of ‘cool’. The documentary is a biography of Davis’ live and covers his personal life, character and his great music. ‘Birth of The Cool’ is available in various theatres throughout Europe. Cult Legends releases the album ‘The Picasso of Jazz’ on September 19


Miles Davis

The Picasso of Jazz

During his career Miles got the nickname ‘Picasso of Jazz’. This album contains his best tracks from the period 1957-1961. The Picasso of Jazz is available on CD and vinyl.

EAN CD: 8717662579974
ART. NR.: CL79974

EAN LP: 8717662579981
ART. NR.: CL79981